I'm not your average Hypnobirthing Instructor! I'm just going to put that out there now as it's important for you to know that we're the right fit.

I'm not going to tell you that Hypnobirthing will lead you to a dreamy, candle lit, pain free birth (although, of course, it can). I am going to tell you that Hypnobirthing isn't for everybody. You have to want to put the time into the practice and go all in.

Are you an independent woman who likes to be in control. Somebody who likes to have fun with her friends, get dressed up in nice clothes and enjoys being with your loved ones. Are you perhaps successful in your chosen career....do you like to keep your mind and body active??

If you fit into any, or all of the above then my Hypnobirthing classes are for you.

It is likely that if you are any of the above then finding out you were pregnant went from absolute joy to OMG!!

I've got to birth this baby....I don't like being out of control...I don't want to leave my dignity at the door(you absolutely don't have to btw)....how will being a Mum affect my career and friendships....(whispering) what if I poo during birth...?!

You may have an idea of the birth you'd like but just don't believe it is possible.

So let me tell you that my passion doesn't lie in candle lit homebirths, or drug free births, or natural births. My passion lies in POSITIVE birth...and that, my friend, can be ANY birth.

I had a Caesarean Section with our first born and a Home birth with our 2nd. Both were super positive experiences and both were totally different. 

The key to your positive birth is being prepared. Education and understanding about what a "normal" physiological birth is. Do you know exactly what your body does to birth your baby..or why and how it does it? Do you know how and why your thoughts and feelings can change the course of your birth?

Once you understand this you will realise, that whilst there is a lot about birth that you can't control, there is a lot that you can control. It's by choosing to make your own decisions about how to birth your baby and working WITH the team around you that you will stack the odds in your favour of having a positive birth experience, regardless of the "type" of birth you have.

There are a huge amount of births that lead to unnecessary medical intervention. Now, don't get me wrong here, we are very fortunate to have the option of medical intervention if it is required for the safety of you or your baby. But you don't want to find yourself on a cascading path of unnecessary intervention. My Hypnobirthing programme will give you (and your birth partner) the knowledge and the confidence to make the best decision for you and your baby.

I'm also a big believer that your birth partner can have a huge impact on the outcome of your birth as they can learn how to steer you through pregnancy and birth.

The techniques that you learn are actually tools for life and so simple to use.



"I am writing to tell you how grateful Tom and I are for your help in teaching me how to deal with childbirth. We had an amazing experience and I would never have been able to do it without your advice and Tom reminding me how to breathe properly. The midwives said they hadn't known a baby's heart rate to stay so steady and calm throughout and they put that down to me being calm - which I put down to you. Thank you so much for helping us to bring our beautiful girl into the world in a calm way."



If you are struggling for time this workshop could be a great alternative for the full course. Please contact me for details

HYPNOBIRTHING - Full Programme - £288.00

The Little Birth Company Programme

This is the creme de la creme of antenatal classes.

You and your birth partner will leave prepared emotionally, physically and practically for the birth of your baby. 

Some of the many things we will talk about -

*The normal physiology of birth and exactly what your body does when you are birthing your baby (the biology of birth & the sciency bit).

*How emotions can affect the process of birth and techniques to keep calm and in control (more of the science).

*Using deep relaxation and breathing to calm your mind and body

*Options for where to have your baby

*Who to have with you at the birth

*Physical preparations including gentle yoga moves that will align your baby and encourage your baby into the best position for birth. This also includes learning about good birthing positions

*Role of the birth partner

*Signs of labour and stages of labour

*Birth planning and when things don't go as planned

*Medical interventions

*What to do once your baby is in your arms

*Plan for a positive birth