Hypnotherapy for Womens Wellbeing

1 Hour Post Natal Session - £55

Becoming a new Mum can be a wonderful experience but most of us find it tough, really tough. There's no easy answers and sometimes we just simply can't cope.

This 1 hour session will give you coping strategies as well as working to recover and heal from any birth trauma.

We often hear people say that as long as their baby is healthy that's all that matters. While I completely agree that a healthy baby is what we all want ... what about a healthy Mum? 

If Mum isn't well this will have an affect on all of the family and of course the new baby.

The session is very relaxed and informal in the calm safety of Studio Blossom.

90 minute Hypnotherapy and Relaxation for Womens Wellbeing - £75.00 


Had enough of daily anxiety, lack of confidence, feeling out of control with your eating, feeling fearful or stressed?

We live with these things day in day out until one day we wake up and we've just had enough.

We know that we want to change our unhelpful patterns of behavior and that's a great starting point. But what next?? 


On our own it's difficult to suddenly change our thoughts and habits. However with my support you can make a really great start into breaking some of the unwanted thoughts and behaviors that you have become accustomed to.

Our Autonomic nervous system is the part of our mind that decides if we're going to be in a stressed or calm state. In day to day life we can't easily, consciously, control which state we are in and if we're not careful we spend too much time in the stressed state (Sympathetic State). Hypnosis is a great way to take ourselves into the Parasympathetic State which is our calm state.

Hypnosis enables you to deeply relax quickly and easily. When you're in this state your mind can relax and calm and you will be able to process situations without your conscious mind chipping in.

My sessions include deep relaxation and breathing techniques that you can use at home to induce a calmer mind and body.