TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS OR NOT TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS......That appears to be the question!!!

TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS OR NOT TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS......That appears to be the question!!!

The great New Year debate!! It appears that there are some who believe we shouldn't be setting New Years Resolutions because it implies you're broken therefore you need fixing.

I am here to say that this year I have made a huge amount of resolutions for the new year. Last year I didn't make any.

Just because I have made a decision to change some things in my life it doesn't mean I doubt myself....or think I'm broken... or that I'm not happy in my own skin.

New Years Resolutions shouldn't be about looking deep into what you consider to be your flaws and trying to fix them. It should about saying to myself "I've learnt some lessons and now I'm ready to learn more new ones"......"If I do what I've always done, I'll get what I've always go."

Absolutely questions should be asked. It's a great time to ask yourself and be really clear about what it is you really want your next 12 months to look like.

For the past 5 years or more I've done what I've always done..I got what I always got!!

This year my life will look different.

Our boys are older now and I'm finally getting enough sleep. We have been in our home for almost 10 years and married almost 10 years so on that front everything is pretty blooming rosy. However my life is ready for a shake up. Time to move onto the next chapter and I can't do that if I wake up every day and do the same things that I have done for the past 5 years. I can't do that if the narrative in my head is the same as it's been for the past 5 years.

It feels like we're no longer allowed to want to improve ourselves. We aren't allowed to have the low times without it being just that...a rubbish day! Life is about up and downs and being motivated by our low times, or dare I say it, failures to pick ourselves up and make changes so that we don't feel that way again.

I also have to admit that my age seems to have an influence over some of my resolutions. That feeling that creeps up on you when you are into your forties about 'life being short,' 'being on the wrong side of the hill.'

I do feel that if I don't make some changes that in some respects it will be too late. Of course it never is too late...until it is! But my health is a huge motivation and being able to keep up with 2 active boys is a big part of that.

This is what I'm doing to shake up my mindset which will then in turn shake up my life

* Setting an alarm for 6am rather than waiting to be woken by the boys and getting up in a sluggish fog.

* Not checking into social media until the boys go to school....I can feel myself laughing as write this one!! Taking bets on how long this one will be on the list.

* Sprucing up the old "do" with a change of hair colour, having had the same for over 20 years.

* Getting fit with the wonderful Sarah Watson Coaching - check her out on FB or Insta @swcoaching

* Working more closely with other Mums (in the Pregnancy and Baby business) in Northampton. I love working for myself and am blessed to have the gorgeous Studio Blossom to work from but the one thing I miss is being part of a team. I will be working with Marie at Anchor Reflexology and the above mentioned Sarah Watson.

* Listen to more music. I have some swish new wireless headphones that Father Christmas gifted to me and they are life changing ( a little dramatic I know but really they are). I have had such a jolly old time this morning working away at my laptop listening to 'toons' from the past and present....a very interesting mix!!

* Keep the house clean!!!!! This is a weird one that I'm actually excited about. I have discovered The Organised Mum and its changed the way I view cleaning....that and being able to prance around in my new headphones whilst cleaning. Cleaning 1 room per day on an 8 week cycle and already my house is sooooo much cleaner and clutter free. Oh and the addition of a shiny new Shark Vacuum.....even my husband is enjoying hoovering!

All of these things that I've said I'd like to change in 2019 are to keep me feeling good and motivated. The old narrative in my head would be saying that some, if not all, of these things will soon fall by the way side. But one of my resolutions is to change that narrative and tell myself that I will stick with these changes for as long as they keep me motivated and feeling good.

Soon this list will become habit and old and I'll want to shake things up again. This is life. We evolve, we learn and we keep moving.

Having the opportunity to have a time in the year where so many of us are uplifted and motivated has to be a positive not a negative. So onward and upward into 2019...see you there.

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