Why invest in great antenatal classes?

You spend hours researching the best travel system for your baby or which cot would suit you best. You spend time getting fitted for you maternity bras and spend all kinds of money on gadgets that you think will make your life easier once your baby is born. If, once your baby is born, the bra doesn't fit, the travel system doesn't suit your needs, the gadgets don't work you can do something about it. You can swap the item or replace it. It doesn't have an effect on the rest of your life... ..However, your birth isn't something that you can change once it has happened. You can't swap or replace that experience and it will imprint on the rest of your life. Great antenatal classes may seem like a huge investment but actually they are invaluable. Not only for everything that you learn and the friendships you will make but also knowing that you valued yourself enough to make that investment.

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