Does Hypnobirthing Go Against Royal Protocol?

As there is another Royal baby on the horizons I have, once again, been reading a lot of articles about Hypnobirthing. A lot of these articles are written by people who have no idea what Hypnobirthing actually is and so they add to the myths and mysteries rather than clear things up.

Of course I know that are they are written to be divisive and to push people’s buttons. I also know that it can be a positive because it is spreading the word about Hypnobirthing.

There are many myths about Hypnobirthing:

*It’s a bit woo/hippie (nothing wrong with woo and hippie but it’s not Hypnobirthing)

*If you’re Hypnobirthing it means you can’t make a sound

*You can only go to Hypnobirthing classes if you’re planning a home birth

*You can’t have pain relief if you’re Hypnobirthing

*You don’t need to go to Hypnobirthing classes if you are have a planned induction or c-section.

We often hear about Hypnobirthing being a type of birth that couples choose. This is not the case. Hypnobirthing is a type of antenatal education that couples choose. It teaches particular techniques that are specific to Hypnobirthing but they can be used regardless of the type of birth a woman is choosing.

I read an article that was saying that Harry and Meghan wanted to have Hypnobirthing classes as their choice of preparing themselves for birth. The article then went on to say how this would go against Royal protocol…….what a load of total baloney!!

Apart from the fact it is widely discussed that Katherine and William studied Hypnobirthing...How can it be going against protocol when it doesn’t restrict a birthing Mum to any type of birth. In fact it is the total opposite. Hypnobirthing is about choice and preparing for a positive birth regardless of the place and whether medical intervention was required or not.

Meghan, along with many other families that choose Hypnobirthing classes as their antenatal education, equip themselves with the knowledge that any birth can be positive….that they are free to choose how and where they birth their baby.

Hypnobirthing families learn how to communicate effectively with their care team (Midwife, Consultant, Doula, GP, Health visitor) so that they all work together towards a birth that is safe for the mother and baby.

Hypnobirthing empowers a woman to take control of the decisions for her birth and gives her the confidence to express exactly how she’d like her birth to pan out and, if things vier of her ideal path to birth, it gives her the confidence to make the best decision for her and her baby.

The ‘Hypno’ aspect involves learning some great breathing techniques that work with the birthing body, that support the functions of the body that are designed to move the baby down and out.

A women who is able to take herself into a deeply relaxed state and focus her mind (self hypnosis) on something other than how much ‘pain’ she may or may not be in is going to have a much more positive experience than a women who has no idea what her body is doing or why, or than a women who focuses on every sensation, counts the minutes and gives over all of the decisions to somebody else without fully understanding what is going on.

When Hypnobirthing first came about it definitely leaned more towards encouraging a natural, vaginal birth without any medicated pain relief. Over the years this has evolved as we’ve learnt that the techniques, taught in Hypnobirthing classes, supports all types of birth...c-section...homebirth...instrumental….epidural….water...

Hypnobirthing is no longer about the type of birth that you want it’s about opening yourself up to all of the possibilities and being prepared for anything that comes your way.

Hypnobirthing is about stacking the odds in your favour of having a positive birth.

At The Little Birth Company we have a team of instructors that support families regardless of their birth choice. Giving families the opportunity to learn about a ‘normal’ physiological birth - something that a huge percentage of women have no idea about these days.

Why on earth do we believe that we have been designed to do something as incredible as make and grow a human being but then doubt that we have also been given the ability to birth that baby??

So, as the debates continue about what is best for Meghan, Harry and their baby I would just like to wish them and every new family-to-be a positive and peaceful pregnancy and birth, free from interference from others - regardless of when, where and how they welcome their baby into their arms.

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