I'm not passionate about birth...

I'm ready to share this with you.....I'm not passionate about birth! This may sound a bit strange coming from somebody that not only teaches Hypnobirthing and birth preparation classes but I also train Hypnobirthing Instructors in our programme (The Little Birth Company Birthing Programme).

For years I have read bio after bio from many different birth professional and one of their opening liners is "I'm so passionate about birth." It seemed like every birth worker was passionate about birth apart from me.

For those that follow me on social media will know that I rarely share birth videos even if they're positive because I feel that you don't want to be leisurely scrolling through social media to be suddenly faced with a screen full of a vagina of somebody you don't know (or, come to think of it ..somebody you do know) I'm more than happy to watch a positive birth video when I choose to watch one and there are some truly amazing images that have been shared.

Don't get me wrong I think birth is INCREDIBLE. I LOVED being at the births I have had the pleasure of supporting and they are something I will never forget. Being part of a families journey into parenthood is the greatest privilege.

AND ... here's the thing that I have realised and here lies my message.

What I am totally passionate about the whole world knowing that they have choices for birth....that ANY birth can be positive...that you can be in control during birth...that birth partners play a huge role in birth. I could go on but you get the idea.

Many times I've been asked if I'd like to be a midwife and, of course, over the years I've thought about it...for about 30 seconds! It is only now that I have realised why it wasn't a consideration for me. To teach people about birth and empower them with all of their choices around birth is not the same as supporting a woman through the actual birth.

I teach about all births and I will never tell you one birth is better than the other. In my classes we explore the differences and you will make your own conclusions about the kind of birth you'd like. You then receive the knowledge and tools to navigate you along the path to birth. You may have your twists and turns along the way but you will be empowered by the choices that you have and your final destination will be your own decision and not somebody else's.


Many thanks


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