Don't give up on your Caesarean Birth.

I often hear this type of comment "I'm having a Caesarean Section so I there's no reason to make a birth plan."

I am going to tell you why this is wrong!

Don't give up on your birth choices if you are planning a caesarean birth.

At Studio Blossom I have just launched our brand new 'Positive Caesarean Birth Workshop' from The Little Birth Company. The release coincides with Caesarean Awareness Month this April. I feel very excited about this workshop and this is why.

It may feel like you no longer have any options for your birth if you are planning an elective caesarean birth but there are still many things for you to consider and many steps you can take to prepare for a positive caesarean birth experience.

Some Reasons To Prepare for a Caesarean Birth?

  • To learn about your choices

  • To educate and empower

  • To understand normal physiology & what is different with a Caesarean Birth

  • To gain knowledge and tools to navigate birth

  • How to remain calm and in control whatever turn your birth takes

  • To reduce the likelihood of Birth Trauma

  • To empower and educate the birth partner

  • To feel excited about birth

Your birth partner will also benefit greatly from the Positive Caesarean Birth Workshop. It can be quite a shock for them when they walk into theatre and see you laying on the operating bed. Once they understand what is happening at each stage it will help alleviate any fears that they may have and they will be able to be fully present for you and your new baby.

Do you know...

What happens during the operation?

How many people are in theatre with you?

What will happen before you go into theatre or afterwards

Do you know that (as long as there are no complications of birth) you can still have immediate skin to skin contact?

Do you know about Natural Caesarean Births?

Do you know about recovery after a Caesarean Birth?

We had a Caesarean Birth with our first born son and I went into it completely unprepared and we just winged it before, during and after. Even though It was a super positive experience there are things that I wish I had known at the time. I would have prepared for a Natural Caesarean and been much more involved in the birth.

We were fortunate to have amazing care at Northampton General Hospital and they definitely helped the whole experience be a positive one.

Fear of the unknown can really be unsettling especially when it comes to birth. If you are spending your pregnancy worrying about your birth then take a positive step forward and plan for your birth. We know that knowledge is empowering and you will stack the odds in your favour of having a positive birth experience if you are prepared. This also means you can relax and enjoy being pregnant.

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